For whatever reason, the NFL is a league that is constantly looking to change the rules, so it shouldn’t be a surprise the the NFL is considering changing the overtime rules. It seems to me that every time the NFL makes an “upgrade” to its rule book it diminishes the history of the game and I never agree with it.

I keep asking myself how changing the overtime rule would help Tom Brady. Isn’t that why all rule changes are made in this league?

If you don’t know how overtime works in the National Football League, it’s pretty simple. Regulation expires, a coin is tossed, the winner elects to get the ball first, first team to score wins.

This week the league decided to consider alternatives to the rule, though I haven’t heard anything appealing.

Some popular myths are:

The NFL wants to change it to the first team to score a touchdown. To that I ask, “why would you want to take the kickers out of the game, how is that fair, how is that football?”

The NFL wants to change to a college style over time. “How will statistics work with this change?”

Start a team on “X” yard line, you must score six points. “Once again, you’re eliminating the special teams play, which is just as much a part of football as offense or defense.”

Critics say that the game is determined by a coin toss, but that is not an accurate statistic. Since the rule was adopted in 1974, 52% of coin toss winners end up winning the game. To me, a coin toss is the most fair option available. If you get the ball, you can score first and win, if you don’t, your defense has to stop your opponent’s offense.

Keep the NFL overtime the way it is. It’s one rule that doesn’t need changing.