A frustrated Ravens fan wrote on the BaltimoreSportsReport.com facebook page yesterday morning in reaction to Baltimore’s training camp being moved from Westminster because of the NFL Lockout.  Andy, the fan, said that he wrote on both the Ravens and the NFL Network’s facebook walls to react to this sad news and that his comments were swiftly removed upon posting.

“All we are is where part of the money comes from and what do we get in return? No open training camp in Westminster as a start. Neither of my posts were on their walls for more than a minute,” he wrote on BSR’s page.

I’ve been in contact with Andy via email to make sure profanity or offensive language was not used in his posts towards the Ravens and the NFL, he informed me they were not.  He also said that he lives about 40 minutes from Westminster and goes to training camp a couple times a year with friends.  He made it to one game last year, but none the season before.  The costs of taking a family to camp, where kids can get autographs and enjoy Ravenstown, is obviously much less than the cost of a game, he pointed out.

Unfortunately, that won’t be the case this year.  It’s a shame to have this experience taken away from fans.  You are never allowed access this close to the players and as anyone who has been to a game knows, trying to get down to the lower levels by the field during pregame warmups only gets you yelled at by an usher.

I should point out that other fans comments have since been left on the Ravens facebook page.  Perhaps they were so overwhelmed with fans similar to Andy that they were forced to keep their thoughts public.