The one criticism of the Ravens following their 37-7 beat down of the Rams was John Harbaugh’s decision to keep Joe Flacco in the game with a huge lead.  Everyone from Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots on the CBS broadcast, to fans, writers and radio talk show hosts have questioned Harbaugh’s thought process on keeping Flacco in, but in the end his logic made sense and it wasn’t a big deal.

” I don’t know what you gain by a [backup] quarterback going in in a situation and handing it off three times, taking a knee twice and facing one third-and-11,” Harbaugh said on Monday.   “To me, there is more to be gained by the guys that did go in – the two offensive linemen, the running back, the wide receiver. Being with the quarterback in the event of injury, they’re most likely to be playing within a situation.”

Fans grew concerned when Flacco took consecutive sacks late in the fourth quarter, but Harbaugh told the media he never worried.  “Well, I’d like to see the history on quarterbacks getting hurt at the end of games like that. I don’t think there is much, but it’s always a concern.”

The Ravens did put in second stringers Anthony Allen, Tandon Doss, LaQuan Williams, Jah Reid and Bryan Mattison on the team’s final drive.  As Mike Duffy of points out, with the second team in the Ravens only needed one first down to wrap the game.

Harbaugh did acknowledge the point and said that the Ravens would consider putting in backup QB Tyrod Taylor in the future.