Lots of buzz around Baltimore for Michael Oher as a potential Rookie Of The Year candidate in the NFL.

I’ve thought about it and think that Oher stands a chance to take the honor. He’s stepped in twice this year at left tackle when Jared Gaither went down, once against the powerful defense of the Minnesota Vikings and Jared Allen.

Last week against the Lions, Oher was a vital part in the Ravens 548 total yards of offense, a franchise record, and five rushing touchdowns.

His play speaks for itself, but the fact that a tackle could be Rookie Of The Year is tough. Tackle isn’t exactly among the illustrious positions of the NFL. However, everyone knows Oher’s story about overcoming adversity in his youth, going to Ole Miss, and being drafted in the first round, thanks for The Blind Side.

So what do you think Ravens fans? Is Oher a real candidate for the Rookie Of The Year?