ESPN’s baseball expert Buster Olney tweeted on Sunday that he felt Orioles rookie Zach Britton could become the Stephen Strasburg of the 2011 season. Olney said that both pitchers have the “must-see TV” affect on fans.

“He is a very rare lefty with a veering 95 mph fastball,” Olney wrote.

Clearly Olney doesn’t feel that the hype surrounding both pitchers is similar enough to compare the two. Fans were flocking to minor league ballparks to see Strasburg throw 100 mile per hour fast balls down hitter’s throats, that was not the case with Britton.

However, baseball always looks for a young superstar to flock to and in this era of pitching power, Britton could be that guy. It’s early, but so far Britton has been dominant against two powerful offenses in Texas and Tampa Bay. He’s allowed just seven hits to those offenses in 13.2 innings pitched and is coming off of a shutout against the Rangers over 7.2 innings pitched.

So far the 24 year old is 2-0 with a 0.66 ERA, if that trend continues, you’ve got to think that Olney is right.