I’ve been telling Orioles fans to back away from the ledge for the past two weeks. This losing streak has been brutal, but a few bad games in baseball is equal to a few bad drives in a football game and overreacting to it is meaningless.

During another frustrating loss last night I just decided that maybe it would be best for everyone if these fans jump freaking jumped. The fans asking when training camp begins, just jump. The funs shouting expletives at players for miscues, jump. The fans that are saying they wasted their time watching this team, jump.

We’re all irrational as fans because we’re emotionally invested. Here’s what I know about this team though. The Orioles aren’t as good as they were in April and May and they aren’t as bad as they are now. Baseball is all about peaks and valleys. If your peaks are longer than your valleys, then you’ll likely be playing meaningfully baseball by the time the Ravens starting raffling off tickets to watch them practice.

The Tampa Bay Rays, a team that everyone that knows anything about baseball expects to be in the thick of things come late-September, has been playing just as bad — if not worse — than the Orioles. Are they asking when Bucs training camp starts?

Probably not. But to be fair, no one in Tampa goes to the games anyway.

If you’re more excited to watch meaningless preseason football games or spend $10 to park at M&T Bank Stadium to watch a team practice that has decided they’re too good to hold open training camps all summer, then go. We’ll be fine without you.

It’s July 3, and the Orioles are in second place in the toughest division in baseball. It’s a valley. There will be peaks.