Today is the resurrection of your fantasy savior.  Forth now will come more content and more interaction.  For unto us is the nearness of the playoff season. Tis no longer early.  Your fantasy lord now requests your presence within thou fantasy post season.  If any of my children were effected by the loss of Votto, Stanton, El Papi, or Bautista, fear not, as The Fantasy God is here to avenge your losses.

Feel free to leave questions or comments at the bottom for me to answer.  These comments are the best way to reach me.  Somehow this thing turned into a San Diego Padres love fest.  I don’t even like that team in the slightest.  I’m also writing this without charm.

Adam Lind (TOR) 1B– I told you last time to pick him up.  Why didn’t you listen?  Classic case of figuring things out in the minors and then returning to form in the bigs.  He’s good to go for the rest of the year.

Ike Davis (NYM) 1B- He’s going to hit homers for you.  He’s also going to only give you 1 hit per game on the days that he actually gets a hit.  Which means high HR and low average.  A slight upgrade over a guy like Carlos Pena.  Next year I’ll predict that his average will rise again.  He’s had too many health issues this year.

Alexi Amarista (SD) 2B/SS/OF- I spoke of him before.  He’s a good hitter, with good eligibility, that does a little bit of everything.

Neil Walker (PIT) 2B- I like Walker.  Always have.  He’s going to hit .280+ and score runs.  He also gets an above average RBI total for his position.  Don’t expect more than 15 HR from him, but he contributes in other ways at a weak position.

Todd Frazier (CIN) 3B/OF- Good HR per at bat splits.  Now that Votto is out, he’s playing everyday.  Pretty good hitter with a decent ceiling.  Definitely worth an add if you need offense.

Chase Headley (SD) 3B- He’s hitting .279 with 8 of his 11 HR on the road.  Which means he’s victimized by the black hole that is Petco.  Pretty soon he should have a new home.  That home could be Cincinnati, Los Angeles (either), and even Baltimore.  I expect his totals for the rest of the year to be closer to those road splits….if he’s dealt.

Alcides Escobar (KC) SS- He should be owned in every league.  Good for runs, average, and stolen bases.

Stephen Drew (ARI) SS- Because he’s good, that’s why.  He may never put up stud full season stats again, but he can put up stud split stats.  He has more power than most shortstops.

Emilio Bonifacio (MIA) SS/3B/OF- I was big on Boni before the season started.  I loved how he was hitting between Reyes and Hanley.  Welllllll…Reyes wasn’t good, Hanley wasn’t good, and Bonifacio wasn’t good.  And then he dropped in the order.  But now he’s good again.  And he’s back to the #2 spot.  He’s an elite base stealer that can hit for average.

Wil Myers (KC) OF/C???- I don’t understand why he isn’t up yet.  It can happen at any second.  He’s dominated AAA and has nothing left to prove.  I expect him to put up contributing numbers the rest of the season and be worthy of a spot in any league.  Some leagues have him eligible at catcher.  I don’t understand this.  He hasn’t played catcher in the minors since 2010.  It really isn’t fair if he’s eligible at catcher in your league.  Catcher is weaker fantasy position.  To have the stats that he can provide in a catcher spot will be fantasy gold.  Even though he hasn’t been recalled yet, I’d grab him right now if he’s available.  He will make a good #2 outfielder.  He will immediately be an elite fantasy catcher.

Torii Hunter (LAA) OF- He hits between Mike Trout and Albert Pujols……..what?  I’m done.  What else do I need to say?

Brennan Boesch (DET) OF- He’s a good player.  Definitely an underachiever this year.  He’s hitting better lately.  Regardless I would tell you to pick him up because he’s too good to be held down all year.

Charlie Blackmon (COL) OF- Not yet.  He hasn’t been called up quite yet.  But he’s killing the ball at AAA.  Last year he killed the ball in the minors, was called up, and put up solid numbers at the start of his career.  If you need OF help you should pick him up once he’s recalled.

Lorenzo Cain (KC) OF- Remember that guy that started really hot for the Royals and then got injured?  He’s back.  And he has a high ceiling.  Long term Cain will be a permanent fantasy option.  You still need to be weary of him this season.  That’s mainly because he is going to rest a lot.  Plus Wil Myers will create a log jam in the outfield.  He’s going to produce at a higher level than the guys available to you in the bank.  But he isn’t going to play 6 games a week.

Carlos Quentin (SD) OF- He’s extremely streaky.  And he’s either great or terrible.  Right now he’s great.  And he could be dealt to a contender at the deadline.  He has more upside than most of the guys that are in your bank, but you can only play him when he’s hot.  When he sucks he needs to sit on your bench for at least a week at a time.

Ben Revere (MIN) OF- Do you want speed?  Good.  Because that’s all he’s going to give you.  Okay, so he might give you some hits, runs, and average too.  Decent player.

Yonder Alonso (SD) OF/1B- Good hitter.  Getting better with more experience.  Not a lot of power though.  He’s a big doubles guy.  Plus he also plays in Petco.  He’s a decent backup outfielder if you need hits, average, and RBI.

Luke Scott (TB) OF/1B- We all know how he plays.  Yeah, he’s on one of those streaks right now.  Add him and hope it rides another week.  Then cut him before he hits .100 over his next streak.

Ben Sheets (ATL) SP- Is it 2008 again?  Because he’s pitching like it is.  Two stats this season without allowing a run?  I watched him pitch in person on Saturday and he impressed.  Grab him.

Mike Minor (ATL) SP- He was wonderful to start the year.  Then he was garbage.  Now he’s wonderful again.  Even if he decides to drop feces on a bed again he will still strike out a guy per inning.  Expect above average K’s.  His recent rise above mediocrity has made him a must add.

Erik Bedard (PIT) SP- Someone in your league cut him didn’t they?  Go check…I’ll wait……see I told ya.  Now click that add button (unless your in like a 10 team league or something).  Apparently they watched some video and figured out his problem.  Any time I hear something like that, and then see a well pitched game, I believe the stories.  When he’s on the cranky Canadian pitches like an ace.  I expect him to pitch like an ace until he goes on the DL for the 163rd time in his career.

Ross Detwiler (WAS) SP- This is the best he’s looked all year.  Starting to go deeper into games and holding runs off the board.  He’s serviceable as a middle-tier fantasy starter for the remainder of the season.  Which means he’s not just a guy to own during two start weeks anymore.

Brett Anderson (OAK) SP- Almost back from that dreaded TJ surgery.  He had a Cy Young ceiling before he went down.  He’s one of those guys that could be a superstar, but he’s always gonna be injured.  I’ll take that upside though.  Stash him on your bench until he comes up.  Let’s hope his limbs don’t start falling off.

Zach McAllister (CLE) SP- He’s overachieving a little, but every outing has been solid.  He’s worth a bottom spot in your rotation.  He might just stay consistent and be a decent pitcher.

Paul Maholm (CHC) SP- He’s brilliant or horrendous.  His streaks last about a month at a time.  Right now he’s on one of those amazing streaks.  When it ends he will pitch worse than Brian Matusz for a month.

Miguel Gonzalez (BAL) SP- Who?  He’s really come out nowhere.  Will he stay this good?  Even The Fantasy God doesn’t know.  If I can’t explain why he’s been this good thus far, I certainly can’t predict his future.  Just add him and see what happens.

Travis Blackley (OAK) SP- Decent pitcher with a good story on a team that’s a good baseball story.  He pitches twice next week.

Jonathan Sanchez (COL) SP- He’s terrible.  But now he’s been traded to Colorado.  And the one thing that also seems to help a bad pitcher is pitching at Coors Field……See what I did there?  Seriously, don’t pick him up.

Francisco Rodriguez (MIL) SP- It’s K-Rod!!!! He’s back!!!!  The Brewers are going with the reverse lock strategy of giving save chances to their 52 year old instead of the struggling flame thrower, Axford.  So as long as old man K-Rod errr GroundBall-Rod gets save opportunities he has value.