On the seventh day God did create fantasy.  Thou Fantasy God has returned unto you to speak of thy baseball kingdom.  Prepare thyself for playoffs that bring about the Armageddon of the season of baseball.  For there is only one god of the fantasy world.

Fantasy Baseball Pickups:

Danny Espinosa (2B/SS, WAS)- He had a horrible 1st half.  And now he’s having a very solid 2nd half.  Espy is one of the more streakier hitters in all of baseball.  There is a 50/50 chance that he continues to stay hot through September, or doesn’t hit over .200 for that month.  I’m banking on him staying hot because he typically finishes strong.  He’s also eligible at 2 positions that aren’t very strong.

Eric Young (2B/OF, COL)- He’s very fast.  He’s also excelling in the lead off spot.  It’s hard to get good production out of 2B so scoop up the SB’s that Young offers.

Todd Frazier (1B/3B/OF, CIN)- I’ve been praising him for months.  He’s playing as good as any every day 3B in baseball.  His multiple position eligibility is very nice to own.  I’m not sure if he will lose any time when Joey Votto returns, but he shouldn’t.  Then again, who knows when Joey Votto will actually return.  Frazier should be owned in all leagues by now.

Ike Davis (1B, NYM)- He certainly has power.  His HR total is solid.  His average is terrible.  But he is hitting over .280 in August.  Decent option if you need power.

Manny Machado (3B/SS)- That SS eligibility gives him value.  He’s very young and will struggle at some point, but for now he’s hitting the ball.  Ride him while he’s hot at a weak position.

Garrett Jones (1B/OF, PIT)- His numbers as of late have been solid.  His numbers on the season have also been solid.  He’s hitting for average, which is a surprise, and he’s about to go over 20 HR.  He’s a decent #3 or #4 outfielder to own.

Shane Victorino (OF, LAD)- He was cut by a lot of people before the trade deadline.  Since he’s joined the Dodgers he’s put up decent numbers.  I like him much better in the lead off spot.

Rajai Davis (OF, TOR)- I’ve always been a Davis fan.  As long as he’s playing everyday he has a ton of value for his SB totals.  He’s one of the best base stealers in the game.  He’s playing every day right now.  So add him only for his speed.

Kris Medlen (SP, ATL)- Everyone pitches well in Atlanta these days.  He’s pitching incredibly well.  Ride him while he’s hot.

Daniel Straily (SP, OAK)- I’m going to be preaching this guy’s name as a sleeper all the way up until next year’s draft.  Rookie pitcher, who pitches in the best possible park that you can, and who can strike out a person per inning.  These kinda guys turn into Gio Gonzalez/Max Scherzer/Mat Latos.

David Phelps (SP, NYY)- I’ll take anyone that starts for the Yankees.  Any of them can get 19 runs of support in any game.  Plus this guy is pitching well and gets proved last game that he can strike people out.

Miguel Gonzalez (SP, BAL)- Quality outings almost every time he goes out there.  Orioles found lightning in a bottle with this guy.  Expect him to continue to be pretty good.  There is no reason why he wouldn’t.

Will Smith (SP, KC)- Gettin Jiggy Wit It.  Couldn’t help it.  He’s a two starter.  And 3 of his last 4 starts have been quality.  He’s better on the road and that’s where both of his starts are.  Good option for next week.

Ervin Santana (SP, LAA)- He has a nice September every year.  I trust him to bounce back over the last month and really help you in your playoffs.  He has big time potential if he’s available to pick up.

Patrick Corbin (SP, ARI)- Gave up 4 runs in his last start, but the rest of them have been pretty good.  Always good to see a rookie throwing well.  He’s a decent bottom of your rotation guy.

Carlos Villanueva (SP, TOR)- I don’t know why he’s pitched so good…but he has.  He doesn’t have a huge ceiling…but he’s getting the job done.  So I guess you should just add him.

Jacob Turner (SP, MIA)- He could be promoted next week.  But beware.  If he is, the Marlins may go to a 6 man rotation.  That limits his two start potential.  He’s one of the top pitching prospects in baseball though.

JA Happ (SP, TOR)- I think he just started a hot streak in his last start.  Decent pitcher that can get decent K’s.

Jeremy Guthrie (SP, KC)- Seriously.  He’s been great since coming to Kansas City.  He isn’t a two starter for awhile so I’d only watch him for now.  Grab him again when he is a two starter if the matchups are good.