For years the Ravens have been looked at as the team no one respects. They play with a chip on their shoulder and think everyone is out to get them.

But what about the O’s?

Image Courtesy of the Associated Press

A lot of fans have been worried about the personality of this team without a leader in the locker room like Kevin Millar. Don’t worry. Over the past week the Orioles have gone 4-3, but they have shown tremendous heart.

Dave Trembley has shown that he will argue a call that he disagrees with and defends his players like no other manager. Trembley went out during yesterday’s game to argue when Adam Jones was called out after a walk. Trembley hasn’t been shy with the umpires. He argued with them when Jones was called out during a double steal on Friday and has been ejected twice this season.

I love it.

Adam Jones has vastly improved his game and he cares more than anyone on the field. In 2009 Jones has been tossing his helmet a little harder than he did in 2008 after a strike out. He also gave an umpire an earful on that bad call at second base.

But it was Aubrey Huff that really sealed the deal on the Orioles swagger for me. After hitting a 3-run shot of Joba Chamberlain, Huff looked right at the Yankee pitcher at celebrated with three first pumps as he circled around the bases. He mimicked Joba’s move and tauned him all the way home. Who needs the .198 hitting Mark Teixeira when we’ve got a guy like Huff who is not only playing better but cares for more.

Oriole swagger can be improved in the stands, but it’s gotten better in 2009. Fans continue to give Teixeira an earful and A-Rod was welcomed to Baltimore with foam syringes that read “A-Roid.”

What do you think? Are the Orioles showing that they care and how can it be improved?