Orioles Attendance Still Sucks

The last place Houston Astros drew the lowest crowd in the history of Minute Maid Park on Tuesday and it was still more than the playoff contending Baltimore Orioles‘ attendance.

13,516 fans purchased tickets to watch the 40-88 Astros face the Giants while 12,841 came to Camden Yards to watch the 70-57 Orioles against the 70-56 White Sox. Pathetic.

The Orioles attendance on Tuesday was not only lower than the Houston’s, but was once against the lowest in Major League Baseball. That’s below the Indians, Royals, Pirates and Padres.

What’s it going to take? Why won’t Baltimore support their most exciting baseball team in 15 years?

I actually had someone on Twitter tell me that they were tired of hearing fans complain about the O’s poor attendance. They actually compared it to seeing a movie in a theater that was half full and then whining that more people should have been there to watch it with you. It’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

But that’s what we’re up against, Baltimore. See you out there tonight.