Nate McLouth delivers the walkoff win for the Orioles against the Rays“The crowds, it’s almost like a college football crowd to to be honest with you,” Nate McLouth told’s Steve Melewski after delivering the walkoff winner against the Rays. “It’s been neat to experience.”

Pennant races are “neat.”

26,076 fans showed up to Camden Yards to support the first place Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday night. Though Oriole Park was only slightly over half capacity, the crowd was into the action on the field more than I’ve seen in previous weeks.

“Almost daily you can kind of sense and feel the excitement growing,” McLouth said.

23,828 on Tuesday. Growing it is.

When McLouth belted a deep fly ball to right everyone at Camden Yards collectively held their breath as they waited to see if it would hit the wall in fair or foul territory. After what seemed like an eternity, the place erupted when first base umpire Fieldin Culbreth signaled fair ball.

I’ve complained about the Orioles attendance over the past couple weeks and would still like to see more people come to the Yard, but the place was electric last night.