Sunday marked the 2nd Annual Orioles Blogger Day and the only thing missing from the event was an Orioles win. At a time when the Orioles are attempting to rebuild from the bottom up, the front office, with the help of MASN, took some time to give back. The Local braintrust from Camden Crazies, Camden Chat and others alike were given a day to enjoy behind the scenes visits and one-on-one conversations with some of the Orioles most notable personalities.

We started off in the MASN Suite and had our first taste when we were able to visit Mike Flanagan and Gary Thorne in the MASN television booth. Both were very cordial and answered an array of questions including the much anticipated – “Can Mike Gonzalez turn things around?” Flanagan seemed to respond well to the question and agreed there are some problems that can be fixed with a tweak here and there, but Flanny didn’t seem to divulge too much and understandably so being a person in his position.

After traveling back down to the suite, we had surprise visits by Andy MacPhail, Rick Dempsey and Tippy Martinez. Having MacPhail answer questions seemed routine and for some reason, I wasn’t completely impressed. Not that he means nothing to the organization, but I’ve heard his answers before. The real fun came when speaking to Dempsey and Martinez. Dempsey commented on his array of highlighters while keeping score and made it known that his days of running in the rain with towels under his jersey are over. Tippy spoke casually about how he has been involved with the organization since retiring and although he has no official role, he still lends a hand anytime he can. With Gonzalez having trouble, I had to ask if Tip wanted back in and from the sound of his chuckle as well as complaints of arm/shoulder soreness, that would be a no.

The day ended with a visit to the MASN production trailer and that didn’t disappoint. The amount of televisions used for all the angles, replay and other miscellaneous tasks was astounding. As we were visiting, the technicians were putting together the highlight reel to show during the next inning. Too bad they had to do it over again ten minutes later.

The only disappointment happened as we were coming back from the production trailer. Jose Bautista put a 1-2 breaking ball into the left field stands with a man on to put Toronto up by one, 3-2. That did mean the O’s were probably going to put another L in the loss column, but it was minor in comparison to the day as a whole.