Orioles postseason profits
Image Credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Baltimore Orioles saw more than just a rejuvenated fan base when they made the postseason in 2012. According to a study on FanGraphs.com, the Orioles made an estimated $7,180,567 in postseason ticket revenue from their two divisional playoff games at Camden Yards.

Wendy Thurm explains her calculations in full, here’s an excerpt from her article.

To create these estimates, I analyzed each postseason team’s ticket price structure for the regular season, to the extent that information for the 2012 season was still publicly available. (The St. Louis Cardinals made this difficult, as they had already deleted seating/price information for 2012 from their website.) I then took the information we had about each team’s postseason ticket price range for each series (described in my earlier post), and estimated the ticket prices charged by each team for each postseason series. I also used each team’s 2012 ticket price structure to estimate how many seats were available at each price for each series.

So how does the team spend their extra 7 mil? Buster Olney seems to think it’ll be on a top tier free agent.

How about Anibal Sanchez or Kyle Lohse?