If you missed out on autograph vouchers for Orioles FanFest, you’re not completely screwed. They’re available on eBay, but could cost you up to $350 — okay, you’re pretty screwed.

The O’s will have four stations featuring 3-4 current or former players rotating on four one hour long shifts. That sentence sounds more confusing than it should be. Here’s a visual:

Baltimore Orioles fanfest autograph voucher schedule

The most expensive eBay listing I found available included two vouchers (Chris Davis, Steve Johnson and Johnny Monell at 3:20 PM and Tommy Hunter, Brian Matusz and Chris Tillman at 3:20 PM). The auction price starts at $250 with a Buy It Now price of $350.

To no surprise, Davis, Manny Machado and Adam Jones appear to be the names that are pulling in the most money on the secondary markets. A voucher to Machado is listed for $149, while one for Jones can be purchased for $125.

Face value for these vouchers? 20 bucks.