Late last night the saga that was the sale of the Dodgers finally concluded.  Magic Johnson’s ownership group agreed to purchase the club for a North American record $2 billion.

Here in Baltimore, the twitterverse exploded with disappointed Orioles fans that continue to await the day that their beloved franchise gets reclaimed.  As we talked about yesterday, the O’s are viewed as one of, if not, the worst franchises in Major League Baseball.’s Jon Morosi really summed it up beautifully in a tweet he posted after the news broke.  “Frank McCourt just sold the Dodgers to one of the most popular athletes in world history,” he wrote.  “Yes, it will help McCourt’s legacy.”

For a city begging for Cal Ripken Jr. to take the reigns on their baseball franchise, Morosi’s comments definitely hit close to home.  I just don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.