In my own little world, I think Brian Roberts had a solid season in 2009. He hit a ton of doubles (56 to be exact). He was one of the consistent contributors within the O’s lineup. He was one of the players who signed a big contract and was the cornerstone for this team. So what shocked me is when I compared his numbers to other 2nd basemen, they were mediocre. When I compared his numbers to the other 2nd basemen in the division, they were arguably the worst.

How much of the blame should be attributed to Roberts? How much should be attributed to the lack of a dynamic office? It’s hard to tell sometimes. That doesn’t mean we can’t and shouldn’t expect more production out of him.

He has the ability to be a dynamic player, and an improved lineup should help his output. Roberts numbers took a real beating in the latter part of the summer when Adam Jones went out with injuries. He hovered around .300 before that happened.

The biggest question with Roberts this season is…. Will he give up during the season? Roberts is an emotional player and losing gets to him. This was a concern last season and it seemed like he worked things out with Trembley.

The O’s have many things that need to go right for them in order to have a successful season in 2010. One of those is definitely having Brian Roberts playing at the top of his game. As such, I fully expect to see Roberts numbers hover amongst the elite second basemen in the game.