Over the next four days, the Orioles will try to extinguish the Natitude that Washington will attempt to ignite against them. While fighting their local rivals, the O’s will also proclaim our nation’s capital and its many surrounding communities as “Birdland”, further fanning the flames of the Nationals temperament.

These two ball clubs have shared many great, hard fought moments on the baseball diamond in their pursuit of The MASN Cup. From the time the Oriole Bird disrespected U.S. history and pummeled several famous large headed presidents to sweaty Freddy Garcia‘s three-hit shutout over eight frames last season.

But my favorite Battle of the Beltways moment came in 2010. The O’s and Nats were tied 2-2 in the top of the 4th in D.C. With a runner on third, Adam Jones hit a fly ball to deep centerfield. Nyjer Morgan jumped up against the wall to make the catch, but the ball bounced out of his glove. A very angry Morgan thought that his gaffe allowed the ball to bounce over the wall, except it didn’t. It instead fell back on the playing field about two feet from Morgan, who furiously took off his glove, shouted to the heavens and fired it to the ground. A very astute Jones noticed that not only did Morgan no longer have a glove on his hand, but his fit of rage may actually allow the O’s center fielder to cross home without hitting a ball out of the stadium. Left fielder Josh Willingham hustled over his from his position, picked up the ball and tossed it home, but it was too late.

Jones scored an inside the park home run on one of the most bizarre plays you’ll ever see on a baseball diamond.

Let’s see if these two teams can top that this year. Which horribly traffic-filled circular highway will reign supreme? Find out in the Battle of the Beltways!