Well, I guess the Aroldis Chapman hype was just that- hype! Why else would he be signing in Cincinnati as opposed to the traditional big spenders. 30 million bucks is no joke but that seems to be pocket change for the Red Sox, Angels, and Yankees. I’ll just choose to believe that he was too big of a risk and too likely to be the next Daniel Cabrera.
Aubrey Huff is not coming back to Baltimore. It has been reported that he has signed with San Fran.
The Vlad Guerrero rumors were also false. He signed a one-year deal in Texas.
The Orioles announced their minor league field staff. Some things worth noting- Richie Hebner moves from managing Single A- Frederick to hitting coach at Norfolk. He is replaced by Orlando Gomez. Former Orioles Ryan Minor and Mike Devereaux are on staff in Delmarva. While former 3rd baseman, Leo Gomez is the fielding coach at Bluefield.
Still waiting for things to pick up in Birdland. According to Eutaw Street Hooligans, the O’s have a few more needs to address.

A power hitter in the middle of the line up.

A first baseman if Snyder isn’t ready/doesn’t pan out.

A third baseman if Bell isn’t ready/doesn’t pan out. Eh…check?

A leader in the rotation. Check. Kind of.

A closer. Check

A new color commentator, preferably one who doesn’t sound like a drunk Bill Cosby (for the record, my vote is for Bill Ripken).

Are you missing baseball as much as I am?