I typically never pay attention to the weather forecast. Most of my information comes second hand from experts like our own Jabby Burns.

But I heard that it was supposed to rain all day today and again on Wednesday night so I decided to look it up and see for myself. Yup — rain for the next 48 hours.

The Orioles are expected to take on the Pittsburgh Pirates this evening, however there’s a 70 percent chance of rain at first pitch. That jumps up t0 80 percent at 10 PM and 90 percent at 11.

Here’s the hourly forecast according to weather.com:

Baltimore Forecast - April 29 - Baltimore Orioles vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Wednesday doesn’t look much better. There’s a 100 percent chance of thunderstorms on Thursday night. Boy am I glad to traded in my Pirates tickets for Sunday’s game against the Royals — actually, that game was terrible, but hey, at least it got played.

Both Pittsburgh and Baltimore are off on Thursday, the Pirates return home to face the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday while the O’s head to Minnesota. The two teams could play a doubleheader on Thursday since they don’t face each other in Baltimore again this season. The Pirates host a two game set against the Orioles on May 20-21.

Seriously though, I’m ready for some spring weather. Any day now. The cold will be gone soon… Right?… I swear it’s going to happen… I mean, it’s almost freaking May!