According to MLB Trade Rumors and The Baltimore Sun, The Orioles have just hired a new economic advisor.  This sabermetric approach was featured in the movie “Moneyball” this past summer.  If you’ve seen the movie then you will recall the ending where Billy Beane meets with the Boston RedSox for a job interview.  Although Beane decided to stay in Oakland, the movie claims that Boston used his same “Moneyball” approach, which eventually led to their first World Series Championship in 86 years.  Regardless of the accuracy of the film, Boston did make several key sabermetric moves in 2002.  Orioles GM Dan Duquette was the active GM for Boston during that time.  The economic advisor that is being brought to the Orioles is one of the guys associated with Boston’s sabermetric success in building their championship team.

No matter how you feel about sabermetrics or “Moneyball” it’s good to see the Orioles looking at multiple options in how to assess talent.  Duquette already has success in using this strategy as he laid the ground for Boston in 2002.