After Monday’s results, here is the Orioles Playoff Picture heading into this evening’s matchup with the Rays.

I purchased tickets to the Baltimore Orioles Wild Card game on Friday and all three ALDS games. But after Monday night, I decided that I would roll the dice and keep my credit card in my wallet when it came to tickets to game 163.

The Yankees clobbered the Red Sox — partially thanks to that Double-A lineup Bobby Valentine threw out there — while the Orioles fell to the Rays. Then, the Athletics clinched a postseason spot with their victory over the Rangers.

Now all hell has broken loose.

The Orioles are a game back of the Yankees in the East. According to, they have an 8.8 percent chance to win the division after Monday’s results.

But even more chaotic is the fact that the Orioles are tied in the Wild Card with Oakland, who holds the tiebreaker.

Stay with me now.

If the season ended right now, the Orioles would have to travel to Oakland for that one game Wild Card. They would have to play in that enormous football stadium, with hundreds of feet of foul territory and hope to win their first postseason game since 1997.

The only good news is that the Rays are now eliminated after Monday A’s victory. They have nothing left to play for and should lay down for the O’s the next two days.

We all know that ain’t happening.