Orioles Run DifferentialBaltimore’s 12-3 loss against in Texas on Wednesday left the Birds with a 3-3 road trip against the Rangers and Tigers, but it also gave fuel to the fire for the folks that continue to dwell on Orioles run differential this season.

A 12-3 loss isn’t just a 12-3 loss anymore, it’s -9 in the Orioles already negative run differential. The O’s have now allowed 54 more runs this season than they have scored this season, but a further look into this number will show that it’s not such a bizarre statistic given their 67-57 record.

In seven games against the Rangers this season, Baltimore has been outscored 24-56 which gives them a -32 differential. Over nine games against the Angels, the Orioles have been outscored 23-54 (-31 RD). Combined, the Birds are 4-12 against Texas and LA with a -63 run differential in those games.

Against their other 16 opponents, the Orioles actually have a positive run differential (+9) outscoring them 471-462. Baltimore only has a negative run differential against two teams that they have a winning record against this season, Toronto (5-4, -5 RD) and Minnesota (5-2, -2 RD).

They have a losing record and positive run differential against only one team, the New York Yankees (5-6, -1 RD).

It’s not nearly as bad as you think if you dive into the numbers. Yes, the Orioles have been dramatically outscored this year despite being 10 games above .500. But they’re being blown out by teams that have kept them to just 4 wins in 16 games.

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