We only ask the hard hitting questions here on BaltimoreSportsReport.com. Today, we’re concerned about the Orioles potentially overusing the “silent treatment”.

On Saturday in New York, J.J. Hardy ended a drought of 339 at-bats without a home run. When he returned the O’s dugout, none of his teammates congratulated him on finally going deep. The result? Hardy, hilariously grabbed sun flower seeds and tossed them on his own head and air high-fived his invisible teammates until they eventually gave in and congratulated him. It was an awesome, GIFable moment.


J.J. Hardy celebrates his home run as Orioles give him silent treatment

A day later, 28 year old rookie catcher Caleb Joseph blasted his first career home run. Joseph knew that he too would be greeted with the silent treatment and instead opted to run down into the tunnel when he returned to the dugout.

There was no silence from the Orioles bench on Monday night.

So now I ask, are the Orioles overusing the “silent treatment”?

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