According to a report by the Baltimore Business Journal, the Orioles are trying to bring the 2016 All-Star game to Camden Yards.  This would celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the best park in baseball.

The only other time the All-Star festivities were held at Camden Yards was in 1993.  During that year we saw Juan Gonzalez and Ken Griffey Jr. battle it out in the final round of the Home Run Derby, before Gonzalez won the final round with an uneventful 1 Home Run.  The actual game saw a 9-3 American League win with a Home Run assist by Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar.  Jim Palmer and Frank Robinson were honorary captains for the game.

Obviously bringing the All-Star game back to Baltimore would bring tremendous amounts of revenue to the city, and to the Baltimore franchise.  Over the last several seasons each All-Star game has paid tribute to the teams or stadiums that played host.  If this were to happen it could be a very nostalgic night for Orioles fans, as the whole world would watch tributes to Camden Yards and to the magic of the Orioles history.

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