Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer - Orioles broadcast team

I’m always amazed when people complain about Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer‘s play-by-play during Orioles games. As someone that listens to a lot of different commentators, I thoroughly enjoy the Thorne-Palmer combination. Palmer never shies away from giving an honest opinion and the Hall of Famer always has a great story to share that ties into what the viewers is seeing in real time. That analysis mixed with Gary’s genuine enthusiasm and humor is a winning combination. I always look forward to their broadcasts and apparently so too do a lot of others.

According to’s MLB Local TV Announcer Rankings, the O’s were voted the third best play-by-play group in the league.

Most popular grade: A (44% of voters)

Analysis: The Orioles were the only team to have straight distribution of grades from A to F. The excellent reviews for Thorne aren’t shocking – the man is a pro’s pro. He and Jim Palmer have years of experience in the broadcast booth and their professional work resonated with readers.

Reader Comments:

“Thorne is a very good play-by-play guy. He’s probably not as good as he was at hockey, but he is solid and doesn’t take himself seriously, which I admire in a baseball announcer doing this 162 days a year. Palmer is simply the best color analyst I’ve heard doing a baseball game, and has been for over 20 years.” -sangell2007

“Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer are absolutely tremendous – I’ve heard similar sentiments from those not in Baltimore as well. Professionals, insightful, and not overtly homers” -agrod29

Finishing ahead of the Orioles is the legendary Vin Scully and the San Francisco Giants broadcast team.