You can say what you will about interleague play or the Orioles versus Nationals rivalry, but the combination brought out large crowds at Camden Yards for the weekend series that has become known as the Battle of the Beltways.  Of course, as we Baltimoreans know, 695 reigns supreme.

Friday’s game drew a crowd of 24,442 filling 50 percent of Oriole Park, on Saturday 33,107 showed up and Sunday 33,626 were in attendance.  Not too shabby.

While I know it’s tough to believe, I tend to think that rivalry has to be the reason for the crowds.  I, like Jeremy Guthrie, am a fan of interleague play and seeing NL teams a few times a year, but in an AL ballpark without the pitcher hitting it isn’t overly exciting.  Perhaps fans are starting to catch on to this O’s versus Nats buzz.

What else could it be?