ESPN Orioles

Apparently going into Yankee Stadium and winning a series against the first place Yankees to cut the lead in the AL East to two games isn’t big enough news to make headlines on

Stephen Strasburg’s innings limit, the White Sox-Tigers game, Joe Girardi’s comments on Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees sitting Curtis Granderson, the A’s sweeping the Red Sox, Adrian Gonzalez hitting a walkoff for the Dodgers, Chipper Jones game winner, David Price’s 17th win, Jurickson Profar’s debut and Jesus Montero homering in a 2-1 Mariners win were all bigger stories according to ESPN.

That’s two stories about the Yankees (zero about them losing a series against the Orioles) and one story about a last place team beating a third place team.

Oddly enough, the Orioles did make headlines on,, and are the top baseball story on