Watching the Orioles has been straight up torture lately. I love watching the O’s, but I feel like they have been going through the motions since the All Star break and driving me further and further away from the game I love.

Baltimore is 2-9 since the All Star Break, they have lost seven of their last eight games, and are 10-20 over the last 30 games.

It’s getting bad because the Birds are finding ways to lose. In their nine loses since the break, Baltimore has out hit their opponents in five of the games and matched in one.

Image Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

Adam Jones has had back to back homerun nights. Nick Markakis has four of his 12 homers after the break. What can you say about Nolan Reimold and Matt Wieters?

The O’s rookie of the year candidate, Nolan Reimold, is hitting .647 with three doubles in his last five games. Reimold has four stolen bases since the All Star break and has brought his average up from .257 to .291.

And, Matt Wieters? He’s hitting .323 since the break with three RBI.

With all this hitting, what’s the problem? Well for starters, people like Aubrey Huff are pushing the rest of the team down.  Huff is 10 for 70, which is a .143 average, with just 2 RBI over his last 17 games.

Granted the schedule was tough out of the gate, three against Chicago, three against New York, and three against Boston. But, we’ve lost two straight to Kansas City now. That’s unacceptable.

Peter Schmuck wrote a great article in the Sun yesterday that detailed why it’s okay to be skeptical about the Orioles’ future. Clearly, this a team that is built to win in 2010+, but when you see the team plummet like they are now, it’s okay to be skeptical.

The Orioles have always determined when I start paying attention to the Ravens, I was hoping it would be later than the end of July. But, they sure are forcing me to be entertained else where.