There are plenty of Orioles fans that have lost faith in the organization. They hear the talks about the future and say it’s the same old talk they heard 11 years ago. Some seem to think that the Orioles are going in circles and getting deeper and deeper into a cycle of losing with no possible way out.


Image Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

Yesterday, an era came to an end as Hayden Penn was traded from Baltimore to the Florida Marlins for infielder Robert Andino. While on the surface it looks like just another Oriole pitcher who failed to reach Major League potential, it really marked the end of the staff that Mike Flanagan and Jim Duquette instilled here in Baltimore.

Ever since Andy MacPhail’s arrival in Baltimore, nearly a year and a half ago, he brought in a lot of talent with Adam Jones, Luke Scott, and George Sherrill (not to mention the young arms in the minors). But MacPhail also has been cleaning up the mess that the former administration left in Baltimore.

David Steele of the Baltimore Sun wrote an excellent piece on Penn’s departure and the end of this era. He believes that building a good rotation has a lot to do with luck. I think that is only partially true.

Penn was supposed to be in the mix with Erik Bedard, Adam Loewen, and Daniel Cabrera. It’s scary to think of how he would have fit into that group. But it was not long ago that O’s fans were eager to see what these young arms had to offer. Now they have all gone their separate ways.

What will the future hold? Will MacPhail’s future rotation hold up better than the previous regime’s? I guess only time will tell.