Donte Stallworth was brought to Baltimore to give the Ravens a speedy down field threat, but finished the season with just two catches for 82 yards. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King told Mike Duffy of that he wasn’t sure why the team even signed Stallworth.

“They never took advantage of him all year long,” King said. “Obviously, he was hurt at the beginning and then was inactive, but the second half of the season. There’s a deep speed threat.”

Stallworth, who was used primarily for end arounds, expressed his displeasure with the Ravens play calling after the season concluded. Via twitter, Stallworth told his fans that he “just didn’t get the opportunity” in the Ravens offense.

“The Steelers don’t take Mike Wallace and only use him on end-arounds,” King said. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Stallworth did suffer a broken foot in the preseason that cut his season in half, but it didn’t limit his speed. He carried the ball five times for 45 yards this season.

“I just never saw them doing something in the passing game with Donte’ Stallworth, who’s your biggest speed threat when you need to open up your offense,” King said. “Next year, they’ve got to do more imaginative stuff.”

King, like Mike Preston, recognizes that the Ravens will likely try to bring in another wide receiver this offseason, but he says that they are really missing out on what Stallworth had to offer.