Orioles fans are in full panic mode.  The Birds have dropped five straight and Nick Markakis will be out 4-6 weeks with a fractured hamate bone.

With Nolan Reimold also on the disabled list, the Orioles don’t have a clear answer to replacing Markakis for the next month.  Some are resorting to drastic measures, like The Baltimore Sun’s Peter Schmuck.

“Miguel Tejada has been swinging a hot bat at Triple-A Norfolk and he’s a high-energy guy who can hold down the fort at third base,” Schmuck wrote in his most recent column.  “Why not call him up to play there, keep Mark Reynolds at first and throw Chris Davis into the outfield?”

Davis in the left field?  I’m not sure the Orioles defense can afford that right now.

Schmuck admits that his evil plan is a bit of a stretch, but thinks that if Davis can pitch two scoreless innings in Boston, he can probably help cover some ground in the outfield.  I have to admit, that isn’t bad logic.

This option would keep both Reynolds and Davis’ bats in the lineup and would likely limit the playing time of Ryan Flaherty or another soft hitting Norfolk call up.

Other possible fill-ins include Bill Hall, Xavier Avery, Lew Ford, Jai Miller and Jamie Hoffman.  Hall tweeted on Thursday night that he was “EXCITED,” (yes with all caps) but didn’t specify if he was being called up and the team has yet to announce an official move.