Finally, after many weeks of watching and waiting for the left field dilemma in Baltimore to subside, we watch as youngster Nolan Reimold rushes out onto the field.  This moment, both glorious and heartbreaking in more ways than one, has many O’s fans stirring in Birdland.  For the many that pleaded to see the 24-year old Felix Pie remain the starter in left, they see their hopeful futures being torn.  To all those in favor of a Reimold call-up, they gaze on as the days of tomorrow are born.

The 25-year old stud, formerly hitting for a .394 average, with nine homers, 27 RBI, 21 runs scored, and six stolen bases while at Triple-A Norfolk, acquired his first big-league hit late on Thursday night.  This base knock will hopefully be the first of many more to come.

Now the question is:  What about Felix Pie?  So far this season, Felix is hitting for a .197 average, with two homers, three RBI, eight runs scored, and a stolen base.  His average seems to resemble what was told to us by many Cubs’ fans at the time of the trade that brought the coveted prospect to Baltimore.  His power is unquestioned, for we know he possesses it, yet he hasn’t been able to hone it just yet.  Thus far, we have seen roughly two tools out of this so-called “five-tool” player.  Most of his potential was shown as he made a spectacular catch in left field to save George Sherrill from another heartbreaking defeat against the Tampa Bay Rays.  But this is all the positives we can say about Pie this year.

One thing is certain:  The kid is definitely trying.  From what we hear, he is one of the hardest workers on the squad, as he is in the batting cage every day working on getting his swing down.  Orioles’ hitting coach Terry Crowley has made Pie a project, and thus far, we can say that he has received, at most, a D.  We can see some progress, though.  Now we just need some consistency.  For now, the future is uncertain for Pie, and only time will tell how his major league career will pan out.

In all honesty, I’m rooting for the guy (Though it may not sound that way.), for if he can get his act together, this could be the best outfield in all the majors for years to come.  The key from that last sentence was “getting his act together”.  He has yet to do so.  We as fans can only hope that one of the two (Reimold or Pie) will pan out and be the future left fielder for the Birds.

So who do you want to see?  Reimold?  Pie?  It is a question that we may be asking ourselves over the next few weeks.  Let’s all sit back and watch how it unfolds.  To say the least, this should be a fun competition to follow.