The Steelers loss in Denver just gets sweeter and sweeter doesn’t it?

Ravens fans got to sit back and relax as they enjoyed the hard earned first round bye that is awarded to the first two seeds of either conference.  Meanwhile, their rival Steelers were swiftly eliminated from the postseason with a 29-23 embarrassment at the hands of the Denver Broncos.

Since that time we’ve all enjoyed some good laughs at the Steelers fan’s expense.

On Tuesday, Pittsburgh’s Mayor Luke Ravenstahl (good name) made good on a bet with Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock and had a picture taken of himself Tebowing on the North Shore near Heinz Field.

So great.

Had the Steelers won, Hancock would have had to wear a Pittsburgh jersey and wave a terrible towel.  Disgusting.

I’m still waiting for Pittsburgh’s WTAE to pay up on a bet they lost to WBAL.  Something tells me it’s never going to happen.