The always controversial Baltimore Sun Ravens columnist, Mike Preston is at it again in his latest article. Preston thinks that John Harbaugh’s plans for improving the Ravens in 2011 are clearly correct, but that the franchise often fails to back them up.

This offseason Harbaugh has said that he would like to focus on improving the Ravens running game, become more involved in the offense and hold offensive coordinator Cam Cameron accountable for his work.

So until I see something different in 2011, the Ravens are just engaging in lip service again. It’s time to deliver, put up or shut up.

The biggest change has to come in Cameron. As a person, he’s a decent, honorable and hardworking man. But when it comes to designing plays, he’s like a mad scientist who goes into the laboratory and cuts off all ties with the rest of civilization.

In three seasons in Baltimore, he has alienated the players and the other assistants. And now, he has to re-invent himself heading into next season.

Good luck.

The only positive light that Preston shed on the Ravens was that they are at least being critical of themselves and admitting their faults. He says that the Ravens were happy with their “a win is a win” mentality during the season.

The icing on the cake of Preston’s latest piece is when he wrote that he refuses to get hyped up about the Ravens improvements on offense. It seems that a fast wide receiver is always the cure all for Baltimore and will come in and turn around years of lackluster offense. “Yeah. Right,” Preston writes.