Everyday on BSR we take a look at a different Oriole’s numbers from last season and set goals for them this year. Today we look at another one of the Bird’s pitchers acquired in the off season, the former Philadelphia Phillie, Adam Eaton.


2008 Numbers

 W   L   G   GS  CG SHO  GF SV   IP     H    R   ER   HR  BB  SO  ERA
 4   8  21  19   0   0   0  0  107.0  131   71   69   15  44  57  5.80

2009 Numbers

 W   L   G   GS  CG SHO  GF SV   IP     H    R   ER   HR  BB  SO  ERA
 8  12  28   28  0   0   0  0  184.8  166   88  102   15  44  57  4.97

If you’ve been checking out our series on PROJECTIONS, you might have noticed that I have shied away from pitchers in the starting rotation. That’s because it is so up in the air right now that it is a little difficult. After the injuries the Birds have faced in the last few days I think that it is safe to say that Adam Eaton will get a spot low in the rotation.

I don’t know Eaton being incredibly successful this season. He’s more of your Steve Trachsel type inning eater guy. He was brought in to fill the gap for the young talent we have at Norfolk, Bowie and Frederick and I believe he can do just that. If Eaton can keep his ERA below 5 and pitch a little over 6 innings a start I think he will have a very successful season with the O’s.

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