The Ravens are handing out 71,000 purple towels to fans at Sunday night’s Ravens-Steelers game and they’re calling for fans to create a “Purple Out.”

Ravens vice president of corporate sales and partnerships, Mark Burdett, was quoted in the Ravens press release about the game.

Fans are encouraged to arrive in their seats at least 10 minutes prior to the 8:20 p.m. kickoff. “When our players are introduced, it will be a great scene at the stadium and on NBC-TV. We’ll have that ‘wall of purple’ Coach [John] Harbaugh brags about,” Burdett added.

UPDATE: Pictures of the towels were posted by The Mark Viviano Show on Facebook.

Are you in favor of washing out the terrible towels with purple towels, or would you rather just have the crowd out yell the fans from the steel city?