When you win you’re happy. When you lose you point blame.

We’re only 12 games into the season, but the Boston series has made me a little upset with Orioles Manager Dave Trembley.

the skipper

Our starting pitching sucks, there’s no hiding it. But everyone knew that. Our bullpen however has talent, if they don’t get burned out.

The skipper needs to extend his starters. 4 2/3 from Guthrie and 4 from Eaton isn’t going to cut it. In fact it’s going to kill your bullpen. Relief pitchers can’t be expected to pitch 5 innings of the game, it’s going to wear them down and Trembley has been criticized for doing that before.

On Saturday’s game against Boston umpire Doug Eddings had a huge strike zone. Oriole hitters were rolling their eyes and getting called strike 3’s from garbage pitches. Brian Roberts even made a comment to the man in blue after his first at bat.

Trembley came out and exchanged words about Eddings’ “interpretation” (and I use that word loosely) of the strike zone. Then he went back in the dugout and watched as his hitters were forced to swing at balls out of the zone.

After a bad loss on Friday, Trembley shouldn’t have taken any garbage from Eddings. What have you got to lose? Go out there and tell him he can’t see, that he sucks, kick some dirt and tell the ump your players are getting screwed. If nothing else it lights a fire under your players and motivates them. Why not tell him off?

Sunday really frustrated me. Down 2-0 in the 8th inning, after arguably the best start by any Oriole pitcher this year, Trembley sat Koji Uehara brought and in George Sherrill. After 7 innings from Koji I think he deserved that spot on the bench, but bringing in Sherrill makes me mad. Why would the manager bring in a closer in the 8th when he’s only down 2 runs? That, to me, looks like you’ve thrown in the towel on this game. I want to see the O’s play to the last out, and they typically do, but why should they when Trembley puts the closer in during the 8th inning of a game that could easily be won by Baltimore?

I’m not calling for his head. I don’t want him fired. I just wish things would turn around I see a couple ways that Trembley could have possibly changed the outcomes of the past three losses.