After dropping three straight, Baltimore is back in the win column and starting their November off right.

Here are my quick thoughts about the Ravens 30-7 victory over the Broncos.

  • Total Domination – Offense, defense, and special teams; the Ravens controlled all aspects of this game against a good, 6-0, Denver team. Our defense held the Broncos to just 7 points, while Baltimore reached the end zone three times.
  • Webb is a playmaker – As predicted, Lardarius Webb is exactly the guy the Ravens want returning kicks. He took one for a 95-yard TD to start the second half and in my eyes he should always be back there.
  • Well balanced offense – Even though they were held to just six points in the first half, the offense put together a good plan in my opinion. Ray Rice had 23 touches while Joe Flacco spread the ball to Kelley Washington four times, Derrick Mason four times, Mark Clayton three times, and Todd Heap three times.
  • Pass Rush = Better Secondary – Don’t think for a second that Domonique Foxworth and company figured things out. The Ravens rattled Kyle Orton, an over rated QB in my book, up front all day long. Particularly, Jarrett Johnson had a huge game by constantly hurrying Orton and sacking him once.
  • I’m still not sold on Steve – I’m glad to see Steve Hauschka drain three field goals today, but he was never put in a pressure situation. I think the kid has what it takes, but is still far too unproven for me to feel comfortable.
  • BS Calls – I’m in no way buying into the conspiracy theory, but a few calls/missed calls stuck out in my memory. Derrick Mason was clearly held on a critical third down, Michael Oher was called for a bogus unsportsmanlike conduct, and flags were being tossed in five seconds after plays. It in no way costed the Ravens or the Broncos the game, but it was frustrating the watch. This crew should go work baseball.