Another heart breaker lose for Baltimore fans. Back-to-back, come on football Gods, I’d rather lose 44 zip than 17-14.

  • This ain’t our defense – The secondary is terrible, get C-Mac on the phone immediately. And since when did we allow a 100 yard rusher? This Ravens defense was pathetic in the lose to Cincinnati. Cedric Benson ran all over them and another good quarterback exposed Baltimore’s gaping hole in the middle.
  • Where’s Cam? – The big criticism of last week’s game was a lack of balance between the pass and the run. Even though the numbers show that is was more balanced today, it truly was not. Balance doesn’t mean run, run, run, run, pass, pass, pass, pass. It means run, pass, run, pass, etc. I don’t know if Cam Cameron didn’t show up in the second half, maybe he was playing gameboy or eating a sandwich, but for the first time in a while the play calling was terrible for the latter part of the game.
  • Reed kept the team in the game – Ed Reed kept Baltimore in this one, a crucial pick-six and a forced fumble on Chad Johnson made this game closer than it really should have been. Good to see Reed show up, but all he really did was prolong the inevitable.
  • Joe had a baaaad day – The quarterback that we put so much hope in looked bad today against the Bengals. He had a critical interception that would have given the Ravens at least three points. He forced throws and and hung around pressure for too long today.