The Baltimore Ravens entered Cleveland 12 point favorites. They covered the spread, but had gamblers every where worried after one half of play.

Here are my quick thoughts on Baltimore’s 16-0 win over the Cleveland Browns.

  • I’m not convinced – With Cincinnati virtually winning the AFC North, the Ravens control their own destiny. If they want to make the playoffs they have to beat teams on their schedule and rely on only themselves. They walked away from Cleveland with a “W”, but they won’t beat good teams with the level of play they showed.
  • Poor first half – Continuing with my rant from above, the Ravens and Browns were scoreless after 2 quarters of football. They couldn’t convert on third down, couldn’t seem to get the run established, and wasted all three of their time outs half way through the first quarter. They appeared rattled by one of the worst teams in football.
  • Good bye Steve – The Ravens had a chance to jump out to an early 3-0 lead on the Browns in the first quarter, but Steve Hauschka missed from 36 yards. Good bye Steve. I’m done with this guy. He doesn’t have what it takes to be an NFL kicker and clearly lacks the confidence needed to play in this league. “He’s got to kick the ball better,” John Harbaugh said. He’s got to kick with more confidence.” Hauschka also had a PAT blocked, though that had much to do with poor blocking up front.
  • Good Ravens D or bad Browns O? – Baltimore’s defense undoubtedly had a great performance. They had two interceptions, one by Dawan Landry was a pick-six, and four sacks. I just can’t tell if Baltimore’s D stepped up or if the Browns offense is just that bad. Honestly it’s probably a little of both. Brady Quinn looked awful, especially in the second half. He averaged just 3.2 yards per pass and passed for under 100 yards. Jamal Lewis had a good first half, but was stuffed up front later in the game. You tell me what to think.
  • Sorry America – Overall, as a Ravens fan I just feel bad that this game was nationally televised. I’m sure thousands of people turned their TVs off at half time and I just want to apologize for my team deciding to play only one half.