The Ravens had every chance to win this game, but handed it back over the Steelers late with a poor game plan on offense.

  • I would’ve kicked – 4th and 2 and I would’ve kicked the field goal. It’s easy to say after the fact, but Billy Cundiff has been good enough to make the kick. Either way Le’Ron McClain would have been hugely helpful in that role.
  • Offense falls asleep – The Ravens got comfortable with a 4 point lead and over eight minutes to play. The Ravens were strong in the first half and aggressive with their weapons. In the second half they folded and handed it over the the Steelers.
  • Clock management was bad – The Ravens used two of the timeouts before the two minute warning, which is a problem when your offense falls asleep for two queaters. One was used when the clock was running down and the other on defense.
  • Solid defensive effort – The Ravens put a ton of pressure on Ben Roethlisberger and the depleted Steelers offensive line. Jarrett Johnson crushed Jonathan Scott all night and Terrell Suggs was constantly in the back field, he recorded a sack on Big Ben and was crucial in holding Pittsburgh on the goal line in the fourth quarter by stuffing Rashard Mendenhall. Josh Wilson came up with a pick in the secondary, who didn’t look half bad themselves. They had one bad series, but it came after Troy Polamalu forced a fumble deep in Ravens territory.
  • Oher with a rough game – Michael Oher entered the game with an injured ankle and he tried to compensate for it against James Harrison by jumping twice in the first half and holding. Overall, he looked alright, but you could tell he was still hurting during this one.
  • Pair of injuries – Todd Heap left the field during the first drive of the game with a hamstring injury. He came up lame running his route down field and did not return. Derrick Mason was hurt early as well, but he did return and helped the Ravens pick apart the Steelers secondary. Funny how Roethlisberger’s foot looked “fine.” Al Michaels words not mine.
  • Special teams play – Billy Cundiff is an absolute stud. Sure the wind was blowing, but I think he kicked the ball out of M&T Bank Stadium on a kickoff in the third quarter. Lardarius Webb had a solid 53 yard punt return, but followed it up with a muff on his next attempt.

One thing I want to add is that I hate how the announcers refer to Roethlisberger as just “Ben” as though they’re old drinking buddies or something.