R.A. DickeyR.A. Dickey not only one-hit the Baltimore Orioles back in June of 2012, but the effects of the knuckleballer sent the O’s lineup into a tailspin the rest of the month.

Only Wilson Betemit was able to put the ball in play against the NL Cy Young Award winner during the Orioles interleague matchup against the Mets at Citi Field. Dickey’s 114 pitch complete game shutout set up what would be a three game sweep of the O’s.

After facing Dickey, the Orioles fell 5-0 the next night against Johan Santana and 4-3 against Dillon Gee in the finale. Then they took two out of three against the Nationals at home, but only scored 7 total runs in the series. The Birds went on to lose six of their next seven games against the Angels and Indians.

It’s worth mentioning because now that Dickey has joined the Toronto Blue Jays rotation, the Orioles will be seeing a whole lot more of the knuckleball. They can’t afford to fall flat for 10 days after facing Dickey because they’ll probably see him four or five times a season.