Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan, Eric and Matt convene to talk about Randy Edsall’s firing as Maryland head football coach. They react to the news breaking on Thursday, the Terps playing surprisingly tough against Ohio State, the awkward post game press conference and Mike Locksley’s status. Plus: Outlook on the rest of the season, a Kenny Tate/Adrian Moten argument, don’t go to Magic Maryland Madness and more.

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Topics discussed include:

  • Randy Edsall OUT as Maryland football head coach, Mike Locksley named the interim head coach
  • Did you really believe it when the Jeff Ermann dropped the news that Edsall would be fired following the Ohio State game?
  • Thoughts on how Kevin Anderson handled the situation, from the news leak to the press conference
  • The Terps go out and play hard against Ohio State before the Buckeyes pulled away half way through the first quarter
  • Had to be excited after that first score, at least a little bit, right?
  • The guys agree that even if the Terps had beaten Ohio State that Maryland would have fired Edsall anyway
  • You could tell by the play calling that Randy knew this was it
  • Perry Hills rushing the ball is what kept Maryland in the game, he’s probably going to be the starter going forward
  • The wide receivers have been garbage
  • Matt, again, wants Brad Craddock to punt
  • The guys speak highly about Hills’ performance, but that doesn’t mean they’re high on Hills
  • Most of Locksley’s more successful offenses have come with mobile quarterbacks, so expect to see more of Perry Hills using his legs
  • Randy storms out of the press conference after a dumb first question. Weird way to see him go out
  • What’s the outlook for the rest of the season? Does anything really change?
  • What’s Locksley’s status if he starts winning games? Should Maryland’s next head coach try and retain him in some capacity?
  • How would you recruit high schoolers to Maryland? CT would go the Louisville-hooker route
  • Saying goodbye to Randy Edsall. What were the high points of his tenure? They’re limited
  • How will the openings at Southern California and South Carolina affect Maryland’s coaching search?
  • Early head coaching candidates? Season is going to have to play out for any progress to be made on this front. Hooray weeks of baseless speculation!
  • CT thinks that Greg Schiano hires people to throw his name into coaching searches. Nobody wants him, yet his name always comes up
  • Penn State kick off set for 3:30
  • The guys debate whether it was Kenny Tate or Adrian Moten who made the 4th-and-goal tackle on Navy’s Ricky Dobbs back in the 2010 opener
  • Magic Maryland Madness is Saturday. He’s the list of guys from the podcast attending:
  • Do anything but go to Magic Maryland Madness
  • The pod continues to debate Moten vs. Tate
  • CBS Sports releases their 101 top college basketball players heading into the 2015-16 season