Browns accuse Ravens of dirty playIt’s hard to take the Cleveland Browns seriously. The 0-4 perennial losers accused the Ravens of playing dirty in their Thursday night matchup in Baltimore.

“I know that they were playing dirty on offense,”  Browns safety Ray Ventrone said. “Watch the film, man. There was some dirty stuff going on.”

I’ve seen the film, it was so boring and sloppy that I could barely stay awake.

“There was just stuff that was happening after the play, during the play,” Ventrone said. “There was some unnecessary stuff that was happening to our defensive backs most specifically.”

With the replacement refs out, I’m no longer buying the “dirty play” accusations. Sorry.

To be fair to Cleveland, the Ravens complained about dirty play when they lost to the Eagles. As Jamison Hensley says, it’s likely more sour grapes than cheap shots.