What’s next for Ray Rice? Yahoo Sports columnist Dan Wetzel tweets that he has heard from team officials around the NFL that predict the Ravens will cut Ray Rice.

Might the NFL reopen the case and add to his two game suspension? The league has stated that they didn’t see the video inside the elevator prior to it being released this morning, though that completely contradicts what was reported by Sports Illustrated’s Peter King back in July:

There is one other thing I did not write or refer to, and that is the other videotape the NFL and some Ravens officials have seen, from the security camera inside the elevator at the time of the physical altercation between Rice and his fiancée.

And ESPN’s Chris Mortensen:

We saw the TMZ video of what happened outside—when he was dragging her out unconscious—but inside, I'm told from those who have seen the video, it wasn't pretty. In fact, she attacks him—we don't know the reason why—and he strikes her, strikes her hard. And her head—according to the sources I've spoken to—struck the rail inside the elevator and she was unconscious.

A former casino employee also said that the NFL had access to the video.

How could they not have? Are fans supposed to believe that TMZ outspent the NFL for footage inside the elevator? C’mon. Major League Baseball was able to track down Tony Bosch and purchase all the evidence he had to hand out the Biogenesis suspensions, but the NFL couldn’t get the Rice video?

CBS Baltimore’s Sam Njoku told us on the BSR Podcast this morning that he doesn’t believe the league will be able to punish Rice any further, though the Ravens could certainly make a decision about Rice’s future now that they’ve seen the video.

If the Ravens ultimately do cut Rice, they would take a $4.75 million cap hit. They currently only have $3.34 million left in cap space.