Sergio Kindle The Sergio Kindle experiment finally came to a conclusion on Monday. The Baltimore Ravens announced that Kindle, the team’s first pick in 2010, was released from the practice squad after being demoted there in late October.

The Ravens selected Kindle in the second round, 43rd overall, after trading their first round pick to the Denver Broncos. With that pick, Denver selected Tim Tebow.

However, if the Ravens would have kept their pick they could have drafted Pro Bowlers Devin McCourty or Rob Gronkowski who were selected by the Patriots 27th and 42nd overall respectively. After Kindle was selected, Saints tight end Jimmy Graham and Pats’ tight end Aaron Hernandez were taken in the third and fourth rounds.

It’s easy to say now who the Ravens should have selected with this missed pick and many think it isn’t even a worthwhile argument. But Kindle’s checkered past should have raised a red flag in the Ravens front office.

Unfortunately it didn’t and the Ravens paid the consequences.