Out at The Castle, or should I say the Under Armour Performance Center, the Ravens are carefully crafting their meals for the upcoming training camp.  Because after all, you are what you eat.

Ryan Mink of BaltimoreRavens.com points out that the team has switched from white bread, pasta and rice to whole what.  Their mashed potatoes are now made with 2% milk instead of the three pounds of butter they used to use.  The ice cream chest has been replaced with a soft serve dispenser and foods will be cooked in olive oil rather than vegetable oil.

I can already hear the complaints from the Ravens beat writers.

Fridays at Owings Mills used to be pizza day, but the team has opted to move it to Mondays to keep it as far from game day as possible.

Mink added a few crazy stats about feeding the Ravens family.  Each week 1,620 meals are consumed by the Ravens 90-man roster in one week and 500 pounds of chicken are ordered.  200 burgers are flipped on grill day and 80 pounds of fish are cooked when serving it as an entree in one meal.

That’s a lot of food.

We’ll see how the Ravens new diet pays off.  According to Vinny Cerrato, Haloti Ngata could afford to shed a few pounds anyway.