Knowshon Moreno hurdles Ed ReedOver at, my pal Derek Arnold wrote a great open letter to Ed Reed, who he admits is his favorite Raven, and asked that Reed just retire.

Rather than a full closet of Ravens jerseys, I only have three – a home #20, an away #20, and a black #5. As a matter of superstition, I wear whatever color the team is wearing that game; since they only wear black once or twice a year, I spend the majority of game days with the name “Reed” on my back.

Arnold wrote that you have to take the good with the bad with Ed and cited his laterals and gambling as examples. Personally, it’s Reeds off-the-field comments that have led to my souring of him. Telling reporters before the Super Bowl that he “could definitely play for Bill Belickick”, getting the team fined for commenting on a non-disclosed injury, being at the center of a near mutiny in the Ravens locker room in October, the snide remarks about opposing quarterbacks after a loss, the constant will he/won’t he retire during the offseason. I could go on and on.

I respect the hell out of Ed Reed’s talent and it still brought a smile to my face to see him come up with a pick in the Super Bowl. But I don’t think he’ll be back in Baltimore next season and I’m totally cool with it. Whether John Harbaugh decides he isn’t a fan of having Reed’s personality in the locker room or Reed decides he wants more cash in a tight financial situation in Baltimore, I just don’t see Charm City being a fit for him next season.

Some fans are having a more difficult time accepting it however.

Arnold’s article was shared on Facebook to the nearly 30,000 fans that follow Ravens247 and the reaction was insane. Here are a few of my favorites.

WTF…?????????? If this site keeps promoting this crap about Ed….They will have one less member.

All I ask is that the writer of tho blog…JUMP IN THE CLOSES LARGE BODY OF WATER…you are SENSATIONALIST aka yellow journalism. Stop all B.S…where I come from only woman gossip. Ed Reed will be a Raven. He will lose more by leaving Baltimore City. At worst…it’s next man-up to play like a Raven.

Your bloggers don’t speak for Ravens Nation. We want Ed Reed back for as many years as he wants to come back. It’s not time for him to retire, or go elsewhere.

Let’s not just cast off the now, longest tenured Raven, because, um, I’m not sure why exactly. Do we not honor our legends? It would be as a travesty to see Reed leave Baltimore, a city where we draft hall of fame defenders, and have them for their entire career,

Ogden was a lifetime Raven. Ray was a lifetime Raven. Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, and Haloti Ngata will all retire here too.

fake ass Ravens fan! Go join the steelers fan club always appreciate haters such as yourself!

Moron!!! We love you, Ed, and don’t listen to mindless claptrap!!

Holy crap people. Chill out. I’m amazed by the loyalty to a guy who’s continue to do things detrimental to the Ravens. Even if you have turned a blind eye to Reed’s character, the Ravens can’t afford to overpay him to ride out what’s left of his career in Baltimore. The NFL doesn’t work that way.