The Ravens have a number of free agents in the 2009 season and with the salary cap they aren’t going to be able to keep all of them. What do they do?



Kyle Boller [QB] – The Kyle Boller era in Baltimore has long since passed in Baltimore. Time to cut our losses.

Daniel Wilcox [TE] – The tightend position is interested because with Todd Heap’s season who knows what to expect for anyone else. If the price is right keeping Wilcox around, if not not a big deal.

Jason Brown [C] – This fourth year center is no doubt a leader on the offensive line. if its affordable for the Ravens they need to bring him back, but there are a lot of rumors that Brown is going to get big offers from other teams.

Lorenzo Neal [FB] – Despite only playing a few snaps early in the season, Lorenzo Neal, a 16 year seasoned veteran full back, proved to be quite a difference maker for Le’Ron McClain and Willis McGahee. Neal is old, 38, but he was quite a blocker and if the price is right I say bring him back.


Dwan Edwards [DT] – Edwards filled in when Kelly Gregg went down so he probably will not be needed when buddy lee returns. Cut him.

Terrell Suggs [OLB] – The best pass rusher the Ravens have and a very young talent at just 26. The Ravens franchised Suggs last year which resulted in him showing up for camp late, they might have no choice again this year, but Suggs has to be a Raven again next season.

Ray Lewis [MLB] – When you think Baltimore Ravens you think Ray Lewis. No matter his age, Ray he seems to get himself in better shape and motivates everyone around him. Bring him back.

Bart Scott [MLB] – Unfortunately the Ravens are in quite a situation with their three big-namelinebackers. All three are free agents and all three are going to want big contracts. Scott fits well in this defense but I’m not sure his role will be nearly as big some where else. Cut him.

Jameel McClain [LB] – The salary cap is probably going to play a role in brining McClain back. Obviously the Ravens are going to be hurting at linebacker and McClain did an adequete job, if they loss him though not a big loss.

Corey Ivy [CB] -Ivy has come along as a cornerback later in the year, but his coverage has always lacked. He seems to have most success as a nickelback, but can easily be replaced. Cut him.

Jim Leonhard [SS] -Leonhard was a fan favorite of this tattered defense. He was brought in for very little money but proved to be a great safety and probably the Ravens best return man. Bring him back.

Special Teams

Matt Stover [K] – The last original Raven, Stover has been in Baltimore since the beginning. He’s a veteran kicking, but the Ravens might be thinking he’s done since they brought in Steve Hauschka. You have to be loyal to Stover though. Keep him.

Sam Koch [P] -While punters are always over looked, Koch’s talents can not be replaced. He pins offenses deep in their territory. Bring him back.