Ed Reed is a future Hall of Famer who has a highlight reel full of exciting plays. But after this season, it might be time for the Baltimore Ravens to head in another direction.

On the field, Ed Reed still reads a quarterback better than any safety in the league. But his lingering injuries have made him a liability when it comes to open field tackling and he frequently gambles for the big play which often leaves his corners high and dry.

His inability (or maybe unwillingness) to wrap up the ball carrying leads to fines for helmet to helmet hits and collisions with defensive receivers.

Reed was no where to be found on Peyton Manning’s 51 yard touchdown pass to Eric Decker on Sunday – a scene all to familiar for the Ravens secondary. He was spotted seconds later slamming his helmet on the sideline as the Broncos lined up for the extra point.

Off the field, Reed has done far more damage than good. This year began with him leaning towards retirement, then holding out for a new contract. He revealed an undisclosed injury in an interview (with the director of his foundation) on 105.7 The Fan, which cost the Ravens $20,000 and apparently was at the center of the near mutiny in October.

Along with his snide remarks about Charlie Batch after the Ravens fell to the Steelers, Reed refused to shake hands with the Broncos after Sunday’s game. “I know a bunch of guys over there and I didn’t shake hands today,” Reed told the media after the game. “I was just hurting as a player for mistakes that we made.”

Reed is a free agent in 2013 and I suspect the Ravens won’t bring him back. Sure, it’ll be weird to see him in another uniform and he has played a lot of great games in Baltimore, but is he really worth dealing with at this point?

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